“Glasses of water have the same passions as oceans”

The concept of common belonging is explored through a type of surgical analysis, a decomposition, a dissecting of physical elements taken out of context.
In a society that has been ‘taken to pieces’, ‘dishevelled’, where everything seems to have lost its place, we are asked to seek an interpretation of the concept of citizenship that goes beyond the boundaries of its urban space, a microcosm as a scale image.
A vision of the other made intimate (with a clear reference to Ron Mueck’s ‘voyeurism’) is represented by faces, hands and feet, as if they were topographic maps, tracks telling a story that is born, lives and evolves in a common interaction shared in the same place.
This ‘Spallanzanian’ observation is totally neutral and objective. Pieces of a puzzle we can put together as we please, drops of water that are both the same and unique are all part of the same ocean.
“Glasses of water have the same passions as oceans” (Victor Hugo). They hold their memory.

Raffaello De Vito